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The Kelly-Finger McNeela Story

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The Kelly Finger-McNeela story takes you on a journey full of unrelenting adversity and triumph.

Dealt an MS diagnosis at age 15, Kelly needed a wheelchair by the time she attended Michigan State University, but was determined to live a normal life. She built a career, a marriage and became a mother despite what she describes as 'unique obstacles'. None of which proved as formidable as being placed in a nursing home and facing divorce yet Kelly managed to find the silver lining in even those dark clouds!

Readers will undoubtedly be inspired by Kelly's remarkable perseverance, her indomitable spirit and sheer strength of will. 

Sharing her story is an act of courage and compassion intended to help others in similar situations. We are collaborating with Olivia's Gift in Cascade, Michigan to expand the space at the wonderful assisted living residence established for younger adults with physical disabilities.  

Every book sold will help us in this mission!
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